Albelli Residence is currently under construction at a brownfield site where the former Captain Nalepka Garment Factory once stood. It is located in Kosice on the northern edge of the wider center district of, between Alvinczyho and Bellova Streets. 


Albelli Residence’s strategic location is its great advantage. Whether heading toward Hlavna ulica in the center or to one of Kosice’s  universities, the Mestsky Park (City Park), going to shop, looking to just have some fun or to reach the main railway station, you can get anywhere comfortably on foot within 15 minutes. This is one reason why the neighborhood has become a popular place in Kosice to live, characterized by complete amenities and excellent access to public transport. If you are driving, you can reach the E-50 (Presovská cesta) ring road in 3 minutes.


There is a supermarket located directly at the site along with shops, schools, several restaurants, a theater and a hospital with a nearby pharmacy. There are several university campuses within walking distance as well as the Mestsky Park with the city swimming pool, offering the possibility to relax, play sports or engage in other leisure activities.

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